We’re having a launch event this Thursday for our book, ‘BU People’.

JPEG CoverIts at Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester, and starts at 12pm (till 2pm). The event is FREE and there will be various BU items on display. It’ll be a chance to have a natter and there’ll be copies of the book available for purchase.

All welcome. Hope you can come!!

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  1. reubedube says:

    Along with my twin brother George, I worked at BU for a very short time after leaving the armed forces in 1947.
    We had been ‘de-mobbed’ in October ’47 and were looking to get into work again as civilians. The ‘Labour Exchange’ ; today’s equivalent the Job Centre; sent us to BU who wanted trainee ‘knife-filers’ , and that is what we became. This was in the McDonald Road factory, Belgrave.
    It was probably the most boring and monotonous job I’ve had in the whole of my ‘working life’ .
    After leading a very active life in the forces, standing on practically the same spot for hours at a time filing, was not a particularly attractive thing to be doing. I think we may have lasted about three or four weeks before finding other work.
    The most interesting part of our day at that time, was the tram-ride from Leicester’s Clock Tower down to McDonald Road which cost I think either one penny or one and a half penny.

    I never did see how the knives we filed were used,but having watched the video on this site, I guess they went under one of the presses to cut out the various shaped pieces of material which go into making a shoe. It would have been interesting to see just how what we were working on was used. Now I’ll never know !

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