Stan Preston

We’ve had some great correspondence from Stan Preston, who now lives in New Zealand.

Stan was BU for over 25 years and emigrated in 1974. He even features (just!) on our ‘BU People’ book cover photo of the Knife Shop. He was 14 years old at the time – this was back in the 1950s – and Stan is mostly obscured on the back row.











“I can remember every person on the photo and what their job was; even the man from the union works office with his arms folded. The Merall twins, middle front row, and the Foreman in white to the far right.”

Stan also worked in the TD department, then in X2. After numerous problems with management Stan moved to NZ in 1974.  “I read much about how ex workers so enjoyed their time at the BU. There certainly was a good social side, but I could write a book about the VERY bad side. The BU lost a lot of skilled people through bad management.”











“This photo is the BU Archery club taken at Mowmaker Hill BU grounds in Birstall (long ago).

Second from the left is Flint (forgot his first name) Third from right is Chris Lloyd from Birstall who worked in the drawing office. Far right is myself (on the back row). All the rest I remember the faces but have forgotten the names. In those days we all shot long bows, or as in the photo, steel recurves.

I shot recurve then when I got too old I shot a compound. I was once NZ champion, but the last time I shot three arrows two ended up in the grass & one on the edge of the target butt.”

The second photo is again the BU Archery club; Stan is the second archer in.

And the final photo is much more recent and taken in New Zealand.”

I am wearing a hat I purchased from a shop opposite the BU many years ago on the way to Cossington Street swimming baths where I taught life saving; it was snowing at the time and I didn’t have much hair to keep me warm.”


It is the same with my swimming – I was once an instructor at BU in life saving classes – But now I cant even walk down the pool steps (not good being old).”

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