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Margery Smart of Glenfield has kindly provided the following information about her family’s involvement at BU – quite a few years ago now!

This story focuses on Henry ‘Sam’ Smart, Margery’s husband, who was a 46 year man. Sam started in the Tool Room in December 1935. During the Second World War Sam continued to work at BU and was also part of the National Fire Service stationed on Melton Road. The first photograph shows Sam (front row, far left) at the 1961 Quarter Century Club annual dinner at Granby Halls. He carried on working at BU for another 20 years, retiring in May 1982.

Margery 2

Margery also worked at BU, doing four years in the Inspection Department. She and Sam married in 1942 and their first child arrived in 1944 – Margery didn’t return to BU after this. Although this wasn’t the end of the family’s association – A son, Paul, born in 1949, later joined BU and worked there for 15 years, once again in the Tool Room.

The recent photo below shows Margery in her garden, and beneath that is a cartoon drawn by talented BU cartoonist George Day on the occasion of Sam’s colleague Fred Jones’s retirement – “Look at him! Sits there worried stiff – Not because he’s leaving this hive of industry… but because he starts working for his proper Coddy next week – His Missus.Margery 3

Margery Cartoon

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  1. mick hayward says:

    I remember Sam from his days at Charnwood works on Abbey lane back in the 1960’s and 70’s when he was in charge of the tool room. he also ran the photo engraving section where aluminium legend plates were produced using a photo etching process. I think he also had a hand in running the rapid press section along with Ted Elkington

    Mick Hayward

  2. ken. says:

    Blinkin ek..! Margery Smart… Hello my dear… Ken Norton here… My grandfather was Jack Taylor.. You and he and my nan Winnie were great friends and I remember you many times driving up in your hillman imp estate loaded with all your produce to sell.. Jack started at little earlier at Abbey Lane than your Sam I believe..?(I stand corrected I could be wrong) Jack (I’m pretty sure) ended up as the director of research and development at the BU and sat on the board with Mr Bennion if I recall… Ted… I remember your name being mentioned a few times and I think you may have visited once or twice.. I may have met you.. Ted.. I do have a couple of photos with i think you are in….. Ken

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