Phil Wignall

Karen Pearson’s story about her dad, Phil Wignall, who passed away on 12th February 2017.

First posted on this site in November 2013 when Phil was 89.

Four chaps

My father George (Phil) Wignall.  Pictured above with, L-R, George Matthews, Phil, Roy Remmington, and Jack Harrison – on a 1960s Toolroom outing to London.

Phil started work aged 14 on Sept. 9th 1939. Shortly after this World War II broke out and he was drafted into the RAF. He returned to the BU after the war in 1946


Phil played football for the BU Team in 1946. They got to a final and he didn’t get picked so never played for them again. He did play for the Tool Room football team for many years. He played snooker for the company and he was also a first team player for the Latimer Ward Club from an early age until finally giving up only a few years ago. He has great memories of the BU grounds, playing sport and attending BU sports days with his family. Also on a Saturday nights himself, his wife and friends used to go to the BU Sports Club.

QCC stewards


He was also a member of the BU Quarter Century Club and was a Steward for a number of years.

QCC Stewards

Second left, front row, 1968.





redundantHe worked his way up to Foreman of the Tool Room and then was made redundant at the age of 57 in 1982.

Phil is second left in the picture below along with Jack Granger, Len Bosworth and John Neal.

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