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Thank you, Lynne Nickson, for this beautiful photo. It includes her cousin, Herbert Diggle (middle row, second right), who was born in 1920. This photo is from maybe 1940? On the back it says ‘BU’ and the board in the photo reads ‘Group Personnel’. Many BU staff were given reserved occupation status as their work was vital to the war effort. Could this be a BU Home Guard unit?











We’ve also heard from Philip Kendall, whose mother, Beatrice Anne McTighe, worked in a secretarial capacity at BU between 1937 and 1942. I know it’s a long-shot, but does anyone remember her?

Julian Keeber wants to know if anyone knew his father, Stan Keeber. He would love to know if anyone has any stories or photos. He worked there during the 60s’ 70s and 80s.

Also, Nick Wilkinson’s great uncle was a BU man. Bill Penny, does anyone remember him? Not sure which years.

Please send an email to if you can help. Thanks so much.

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