Jeremy O’Dwyer

10 year BU man Jeremy Dwyer has sent us the following photos from his time working in sales.

“I worked for BUSM from 1983 to 1993.  I can’t recall exact dates, however:

  • UK sales, working alongside the likes of Peter Dexter.  In initially in the midlands and then a couple of years in Lancashire with Stan Ashworth.
  • A couple of years in a newly form team targeting the leathergoods manufacturing
  • Remaining years in export sales working for Mike Eliseou

The first picture. Is the automatic seeming machine technical/sales team.  Left to right: Dilip Jagjivan, (unknown), Ann Stafford and me.”


“The second picture is of Nick Tolton and myself.  The Japanese agent took the whole company away for a weekend and we were there to coincide with that.  What a weekend that was!”

“My Dad. Mum and younger brother all did stints working for the company, so quite a family affair.”

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