Dick Allen

We have had a lovely contact from Richard ‘Dick’ Allen – who has only just found the BU History site, after many years wondering what had become of the company and people he used to work with.

“I joined the BU in 1978, working as a Sales and Purchase Administrator in the old Materials Division building on Hildyard Road ( still there I believe, as a clothing company? ). Stayed throughout the various changes from BU to Emhart to Texon etc – finally ended as Technical Sales Manger for the IVI Tack & Nail Factory and travelling to Europe and the Americas to promote the range.

Just before I left we were sending a 20 tonne container of Carpet Gripper tacks every week to Los Angeles for one of the largest manufacturers of carpet gripper strips in the world!

I remember working with several BU technicians on the side lasting machines and heel attaching ones as well. Mick Lambell was our Buyer in IVI – I wonder if his Italian is still fluent!

Received my 25 year award ( cannot remember if there was still an official Quarter Century Club by then ) in 2003.”

Picture of presentation below. Dick is centre front row. Also includes Mick Garrett, Mick Lambell, Simon Ward and Stan Barnes.

The second photo is of the Materials Division football team. Some other players in this picture are Paul Price, Jeff Kirby, John Rowley & Alan Brown.

Fond memories of all the people I met and worked with, in the best company I ever worked at.

Kind regards – Dick Allen

Incidentally, we made a short video of the IVI back in 2014. Click on the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXKGZVxyxUg


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