C Department, circa 1960

Faces from 50 plus years back. Bob Palmer has given us these two photos that record the players involved in a Men v Apprentices cricket match at the Mowacre Hill Sports Ground.

Men Cricket








Top row, left to right. Joe Brise, Dave Tipton, Alan Sutton, Bob Palmer, Dave Dumpleton, Joe Streather, Rog Simmons and Jack Smart.

Bottom row: Don Ellis, Dave Shepherd, Dave Callis, Mick Whittaker, Mick BruceĀ and Jack Payne.

Apprentices cricket








Top row, L to R. Nobby Hall, Dick Pike, Derek Clark, Bill Carr and Jack Smart.

Bottom row. Joe Brice, Jack Norton, George Gamble, Raich Carter, John Buswell, Freddie Sears, Bill Simpson, Sailor Bill Thornton, Bunny Astill and Alan Carter.

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  1. Alan Carlisle says:

    The player between Dave Dumpelton & Joe Streather is Mick Hurn. I was to young Ha Ha

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